Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Verizon iPhone could have interesting implications on both 3G and LTE
2. Verizon Wireless mulls keeping tiered smartphone data pricing plan
3. Verizon's iPhone FaceTime program will only work on WiFi

1. Can beat Android Market at its own game?
2. RIM's Lessard on the PlayBook, the enterprise market and QNX
3. comScore: Android edges past iOS in U.S. smartphone market share

1. App review of the week: Word Lens vs. I Am Rich
2. Distimo: In-app purchases now half of iPhone developer revenues
3. Groupon raises record $950 million in venture funding

1. WSJ: Verizon to pair iPhone with unlimited data plan
2. Verizon ends 'New Every Two' upgrade policy
3. AT&T preps for Verizon iPhone with new ads, price cuts

1. Nokia Siemens Networks CEO: 'Only room for 3 network suppliers'
2. Femtocell design squeezed into USB dongle
3. Mobile TV slides off the radar in Europe