Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Apple iOS 4.2 addresses smartphone signaling deluge
2. Verizon's LTE coming Dec. 5
3. Is LTE enough for Verizon Wireless?

1. Apple's iOS 4.2 integrates WebSockets support
2. RIM revamps BlackBerry Maps, adds 34 new countries
3. Developers in the dark on Windows Phone app performance

1. Nielsen: Men want Android devices, women favor iPhone
2. Will Google Editions kill the ereader?
3. 'Angry Birds' for Windows Phone 7 on hold until 2011

1. Clearwire, AT&T take jabs at Verizon's LTE speeds, pricing
2. The $139.99 Android tablet at Toys 'R' Us and the after-market opportunity for wireless
3. Table stakes: What are the necessary features in smartphones?

1. Huawei leads race in LTE contracts; but Ericsson wins larger deals
2. Femtocells: Vodafone trials consumer femto in public spaces
3. LTE Germany: Vodafone goes live, Deutsche Telekom and O2 continue with trials