Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. MetroPCS LTE network no comparison to what Verizon Wireless will launch
2. Comcast not interested in upping investment in Clearwire
3. Report: LightSquared gets more funding

1. Apple releases iPad-compatible iOS 4.2
2. RIM poised to launch new BlackBerry social apps platform
3. Smartphone apps: When more is less and less is more

1. Adobe CEO says impact of Apple's Flash apps ban 'muted'
2. Report: RIM to unveil new BlackBerry OS with tablet
3. Zune going global in advance of Windows Phone 7

1. Nokia's new MeeGo guru takes whack at Apple, Motorola
2. Hesse: Sprint could discontinue unlimited pricing
3. MetroPCS details LTE buildout plans for 2011, open to LightSquared

1. WiMAX has lost the battle, but LTE hasn't won the war
2. Operators to discuss joint mobile OS initiative
3. O2 UK: 1M opt-in to mobile ads