Traducto, Acclaro and Applingua focus on mobile app localization

"Developers need to think about being in every market possible, because they have no idea where your app will take off," said Jules Ngambo, founder of New York-based Traducto, which offers app localization tools. "There are those who just don't think about it until the last minute, until they get to the point where they have a great app and then need to monetize it."

As the mobile app market matures, developers are increasingly working to eke out every new customer, and that often requires small tweaks to align an app with a specific local market. As a result of this need, a growing number of startups are targeting the intersection of mobile apps and local markets, offering tools to developers to modify their apps so that they are more applicable to users in the markets they're working to target.

But how can developers decide what specific markets to target first? And how can developers know when they should begin the process of localization? And more importantly, what can Android and iOS devs do to make the process less painful? FierceDeveloper's latest feature delves into the app localization question.