Trend: Mobile device battery market to top $9.1B by 2010

According to a new study conducted by NanoMarkets, the proliferation of mobile devices will pump the mobile battery market up to $9.1 billion in revenue by 2010. Lithium-ion technologies will continue to dominate the battery market for mobile devices, but as the market diversifies, room for other battery technologies will expand. NanoMarkets expects batteries, including lithium polymer batteries, fuel cells and nanostructures as supplements, to leverage on the growth of the wireless handheld industry. An upsurge in lithium polymer batteries will be driven by RFIDs, smartcards and disposable electronics. The growing need for battery chargers and safeguards against surge spikes will see increased implementation of fuel cells. Nanostructures and thin films could help to boost mobile batteries ability to recharge faster.

Fuel cell hype has recharged itself many times now since the advent of mobile devices but with little more than a promise and a prayer. Lithium batteries and developments in nanotechnology could trump the need for fuel cells as a longer-lasting mobile battery alternative. The question is whether the user would want to wait for the recharge or buy replacement fuel cells.

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