Trend: WiFi dual-mode handsets finally making some traction

Within the last two days, news has surfaced regarding companies' plans to introduce or enable WiFi/cellular handsets, suggesting there will finally be some traffic on this hyped subject. Quorum Systems, TTPCom and Analog Devices have collaborated on a GSM/Voice-over-WiFi dual-mode handset reference design that will enable sub-$100 handsets. Meanwhile, CDMA handset maker Kyocera Wireless announced a strategic alliance with Marvell to incorporate Marvell's WLAN technology and chipsets into a dual-mode WiFi/CDMA handset platform. In a recent report IDC found that trials and proof-of-concepts wireless VoIP deployments would be a major feature of the market in 2006. This conclusion was based on the mass market availability of dual-mode (WiFi/GSM) handsets and IP telephony vendors' integration of fixed mobile convergence features into their IP PBXs.

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