U.S. CTO: Mobile app use may increase broadband spending

Everyone is getting in on the mobile app craze--even the country's first chief technology officer. Aneesh Chopra, recently appointed to the position by President Obama, said the proliferation of mobile data applications could lead to an increase in broadband spending. He also said that the federal government would have an important role to play in that arena (fully $7.2 billion was allocated to federal broadband as part of the government's recent economic stimulus). "If you were to ask investors how satisfied were you with your data wireless network investments pre-iPhone, my gut instinct tells me, they were not delivering the revenues that one would've expected to justify the investments they were making," he told reporters at a consumer electronics show in New York, according to Reuters. "If there are applications that will drive demand, the market will respond with a business case to invest," Chopra added. Article