Update: Motricity just the messenger

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Motricity was responsible for taking down Cingular's content subscription services, but as it turns out Motricity, as the carrier's content management services provider, only wrote the letter to inform Cingular's content providers that the services were offline and would be back up come Tuesday, August 7th. The services were offline from Friday, August 4th until that Tuesday. Motricity says a different vendor was responsible for the disruption, but wouldn't name names. Here's Motricity's letter:

"Cingular Content Providers,

The change to the notification format which originally caused the disruption in subscription notification messages will be rolled back on all production servers.  As a result, the subscription issue which caused products to be taken offline will be resolved tonight. We anticipate that all subscription content will be available again on Media Mall by mid morning on Tuesday, August 7th, 2006. We are working this issue with the other vendors in the ecosystem as the highest priority issue. We greatly appreciate your patience on this matter and will keep you updated."

Motricity spokesperson Les Hamashima told FierceWireless, "I have to clearly say that the root cause of the Media Mall being offline was independent of Motricity technology and services. We have a reputation for delivering a carrier grade solution that has been proven across many implementations and is currently "fueling" over a billion page views and over several million paid transactions monthly on a 99.8 percent or greater SLA basis across many of the world's largest carriers and media and entertainment companies." Cingular also confirmed Motricity was not to blame for the services going offline.