UPDATED: NetZero will launch on Sprint's CDMA network

NetZero Wireless today is launching its mobile broadband service via Sprint's (NYSE:S) 3G CDMA network and aims to launch service on the carrier's LTE network in the third quarter of 2014, according to a senior NetZero executive.

United Online, parent of NetZero Wireless, announced in late September that Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) had terminated a deal to offer mobile broadband service on Verizon's 3G CDMA network, a little less than two months after NetZero unveiled wholesale deals with Verizon and Sprint. Previously, NetZero's service had been on Clearwire's mobile WiMAX network; Sprint bought Clearwire last summer.

The no-contract NetZero Sprint 3G plans break down as follows:

  • Free: No monthly fees, data allotment of 200 MB per billing cycle. Free plan limited to 12 months only.
  • Basic: $9.95 per month, 500 MB per billing cycle.
  • Plus: $19.95 per month, 1 GB per billing cycle.
  • Pro: $34.95 per month, 2 GB per billing cycle.
  • Platinum: $49.95 per month, 4 GB per billing cycle.

Additionally, customers can also purchase more data if they surpass their data allotment. For the Free and Basic plans, those top-up rates are $9.95 for 256 MB, $19.95 for 512 MB and $29.95 1 GB. For the Plus, Pro, Platinum plans, the top-up rates are $9.95 for 512 MB, $19.95 for 1 GB and $29.95 2 GB.

Customers get online via a Netgear mobile hotspot. Normally the device is $99.95 but for a limited time it will be half off for customers who sign up for the Plus, Pro and Platinum plans. 

Even though NetZero and Verizon ended their agreement, NetZero CMO Dave Dowling said the carrier is open to working with other carriers. The focus is on the Sprint launch and the LTE launch later this year, he said.

"Sprint is the main focus right at the moment, but we are always looking for new partners," he said.

NetZero counted 44,000 mobile broadband subscribers as of Sept. 30, 2013.

"We're looking to go after the tens of millions of folks that are using public Wi-Fi for their devices and who are not willing or do not have the means to pay $50 for the mobile broadband service or aren't interested in signing up for long-term contracts," Dowling said.

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Correction, Jan. 16, 2014: This article incorrectly stated which party had terminated the wholesale deal with Verizon Wireless. Verizon chose to terminate the deal with NetZero in September 2013.