US Mobile launches service on 'nation's biggest LTE network' as it introduces iPhone X promo

Ahmed Khattak US Mobile (US Mobile)
US Mobile CEO Ahmed Khattak.

The MVNO US Mobile said it has launched service on “the nation’s biggest LTE network”—which surely means Verizon—and plans to grow to 150,000 customers by the end of 2018. And it’s hoping to leverage the release of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone X and some new unlimited plans to reach more users.

The company is offering $200 back to users who activates an iPhone X on what it calls its “new Super LTE network”—presumably Verizon’s infrastructure—to be paid in the form of bill credits. And US Mobile introduced tiered unlimited plans based on transmission speeds: Users can pay $47 a month for unlimited data capped at 1 Mbps, $57 a month for 5 Mbps or $75 a month for a “ludicrous” plan of up to 150 Mbps.

“The iPhone X is the most anticipated phone in a decade, and that’s why we are offering $200 back for anyone who brings their iPhone X to our new Super LTE network and we won’t ask you to trade in your existing device,” CEO Ahmed Khattak said in a release. “We have the best network and plans for the new iPhone X and we want to prove it.”

The MVNO said the offering with its new operator partner will be branded “Super LTE,” while its traditional service is being rebranded as “GSM LTE.” The MVNO also introduced different monthly service plans for the new offering that are high customizable—like its traditional plans—but vary in price from its existing offerings.

US Mobile launched as a GSM-based service provider  in early 2015 and had grown to 20,000 customers by late last year. The company primarily targets college students and seniors with customizable service plans. Customers can use a personal dashboard to mix and match from various services and levels, enabling US Mobile to offer 392 different monthly plans.

For example, a customer may opt for 500 voice minutes ($6 a month), 1,000 texts ($5 a month) and 5 GB of data ($28 a month) to create a $39-a-month plan plus a $2 monthly service fee.

The company doesn’t discuss its network partners, but it likely launched with T-Mobile before expanding to Verizon this week.

US Mobile plans to launch features including visual voicemail, call forwarding and Wi-Fi calling “in the next quarter,” Khattak told FierceWireless. The MVNO had planned to launch its latest offering several months ago, he said, but the launch was delayed as the service provider finalized its new monthly plans.