Vasona gets combined into ZephyrTel group

cell phone video
Vasona’s technology allows for managing video sessions to improve quality based on real-time cell capacity. (Pixabay)

Vasona Networks, provider of multi-access edge computing (MEC) solutions, has been acquired by ZephyrTel, an ESW Capital software company. The purchase price was not disclosed.

It’s unknown how much of the Vasona team will remain with the new owner, which is going through an integration process across multiple functions and will identify resources within the next 90 days, ZephyrTel SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Martyn Lambert told FierceWirelessTech.

The newly acquired company will be marketed by its own product name and sit under the corporate brand, according to ZephyrTel, which said Vasona will help meet its ambition to build a telco software group worth about $100 million in the short term.

Asked what piqued ZephyrTel’s interest in the company, Lambert replied: “Mobile is the future, and their offering fits our duality cloud or on pram well. It complements our PeerApp cache product sets that are well established globally.”

ZephyrTel, which added three new companies to its portfolio earlier this year, says it is creating an international-class telecommunications practice, providing varied solutions and service proposals to the global telecom industry. The company’s primary objective is to offer software and SaaS solutions across telco companies’ IT estates, from infrastructure through to the customer experience.  

Vasona has been on a roll itself, deploying its edge computing software in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The vendor didn’t name names, but earlier this month it announced a national deployment with a top mobile network operator in the Americas. That operator is rolling out Vasona’s edge-based SmartAIR platform for traffic management across key cities to improve the customer experience during frequent periods of data congestion.

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Vasona’s edge solutions are deployed in more than 150,000 3G and LTE cells to help operators maximize efficiency of RAN capacity, and its work continues into the transition to 5G. Vasona’s technology allows for managing video sessions to improve quality based on real-time cell capacity and the needs of other latency-sensitive services that compete for bandwidth. Its work with mobile operators includes use of next-generation MEC apps that support a smooth transition to 5G.

The company says its SmartAIR edge solution substantially improves the consumer’s quality of experience during congestion because it constantly analyzes feedback from the network to automatically adapt to service-impacting issues. It’s the equivalent of adding 10% to 20% more network capacity, according to Vasona.