VC: Stoke snags $20M from DAG, Sequoia

The last time DAG Ventures invested in telecom was nearly three years ago and in a muni-WiFi company called Tropos Networks. Today, DAG announced that it led the $20 million third round for Stoke, which included return investors Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia. Stoke announced the funding along with the launch of its so-called multi-access carrier-closet box, the Stoke Session Exchange. The device is designed to enable carriers to better manage customers using multiple access technologies, including WiMAX and WiFi handsets. As GigaOM notes, it seems like carrier capex spending is back, as Stoke's VC now totals $50 million. Stoke plans to announce a major OEM partner sometime in the near future, which should help seal some carrier deals.

For more on Stoke's funding and product launch:
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