Vendors race to provide analytics for game app makers

As mobile games continue to explode in number and usage, developers are increasingly looking for more detailed analytics on how users are playing them to improve their games for the future. However, some developers think there is a dearth of data that they could use in this regard. Lee Jacobson, the former senior vice president of licensing and digital publishing at Atari, is about to launch Apmetrix, a San Diego, Calif.-based startup that released its first limited beta SDK last week. Apmetrix's services will be free to developers with 100,000 users or less, and will provide a range of real-time reports on ad revenue, location data, A/B testing and more. The company will not be alone. Last week Hooked Media Group launched a service called Boomerang that is designed to promote games to users who have demonstrated an interest in certain kinds of apps. For more on how analytics vendors are attacking the mobile gaming market, check out this FierceDeveloper special report.