Verizon dominates digital ads as it bleeds users:

Verizon recently rejoined the unlimited bandwagon
Verizon's "Game On" was the carrier's top-performing ad last month.

Verizon continues to dominate the digital marketing world among mobile network operators, according to fresh data from, even as it bleeds postpaid subscribers.

The nation’s largest wireless carrier claimed 56% of the industry’s “digital share of voice” from March 16 through April 15, reported, generating 1.5 billion impressions from nine TV ads that aired more than 8,000 times. Verizon’s ads saw the highest engagement on ABC, NFL Network and CBS, iSpot said, and ads performed particularly well during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and NBA games.

Verizon’s top-performing ad was “Game On,” which claimed 35% of the carriers’ total digital engagements.

Verizon led the wireless industry in terms of digital buzz for the second consecutive month, said.

The ongoing ad blitz comes as Verizon is struggling to shore up its wireless customer base in an increasingly competitive environment. The carrier posted a net loss of 289,000 postpaid phone users during the first quarter, although it said those losses slowed after it finally joined the unlimited-data bandwagon in February after long dismissing the unlimited model.

T-Mobile was the No. 2 carrier in terms of digital buzz during the period, iSpot said, capturing 22.5% of the industry’s ad activity. T-Mobile generated 911 million impressions from 15 ads that aired more than 6,700 times, with the most engagements coming from ads on ESPN, Fox and ABC.

The T-Mobile ad that created the most buzz was “Two Lines and Galaxy S7,” which generated 33% of the carrier’s overall digital engagements.

Sprint took nearly 10% of the industry’s digital share of voice, generating 1.1 billion impressions from 16 ads that aired more than 8,500 times. Its best-performing ad was “The Sprint Way: 50% off Verizon Rates,” which generated 55% of the carrier’s digital engagements.

Finally, AT&T captured a mere 5.5% of the industry’s digital engagements, generating 1.7 billion impressions from 20 ads that aired more than 10,300 times. Its top-performing ad was “Rise Up,” which featured professional golfer Jordan Spieth and was responsible for 41% of the carrier’s digital engagements.