Verizon gets first open network device

The first device to take advantage of Verizon Wireless' Open Development Initiative has been certified and is ready to deploy. SupplyNet Communications has released a battery-powered modem for machine-to-machine communications. The modem connects to a sensor that dips into large storage containers and then sends a text message to SupplyNet to report when the container is running low. The monitoring system can be used to measure many things, including diesel in diesel tanks or shortening at a food production facility.

In fact, most of the early devices that have been certified will likely be for M2M applications. Anthony Lewis, Verizon Wireless' vice president of open development, says that the company has had a few conversations with companies that plan to launch consumer cell phones on the network but he doesn't know when they will make their debut.

Verizon's Open Development Initiative was launched last November. At that time, the carrier said it would open its network to any device and any application that meets minimal technical standards.

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