Verizon launches new devices for its open network

Verizon Wireless announced the launch of three new devices as part of its Open Development Initiative at the International CTIA Wireless 2009 show.

Sierra Wireless launched the USB 598 modem, which is being sold through Brightpoint and Brightstar, as well as through Sierra. Using Verizon's network, the device allows users to download a 1 MB file in around eight seconds, or upload it in less than 13 seconds, according to Sierra. The modem supports EV-DO Rev. A with average download speeds between 600 Kbps and 1.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 500-800 kbps. Sierra did not state pricing for the USB 598.

Additionally, Motion Computing announced the launch of its F5 rugged tablet PC and its C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant as part of Verizon's ODI program. The C5 is a hospital-grade device that is used for clinician documentation and to generally improve clinician productivity. The F5 provides electronic clipboard functionality for field workers who would use it to enter data while standing or walking, and is designed for workers in construction, field sales and service and government jobs. Motion did not release pricing or availability details.

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