Verizon launching mobile content search

Verizon Wireless is introducing a mobile content search application from Medio, allowing users to search for ringtones, games and wallpapers. VP of marketing and digital media John Harrobin says it will expand the search to ringback tones and other types of content in a few weeks. The search function also suggests recommendations of other content not part of the initial search in an effort to drive further sales. Verizon also provides some rather vague numbers about the growth of content sales since it reorganized its content deck this May. Harrobin says ringtones experienced “double-digit growth” since bundling the ringtone and ringback tone categories together on the deck. He also said that ringback tones jumped more than 20 percent. “We must look at our mobile storefront as floor space in retail. If things aren’t selling, they’re gone. Other things you have to move to the front of the store.” - Antony