Verizon matches Unity with bundle

Less than two weeks after AT&T unveiled it Unity bundled offering, which includes unlimited calls to both wireline AT&T customers and wireless Cingular subscribers, Verizon Wireless has unveiled a nearly identical offerings called Verizon Double Freedom, Verizon Triple Freedom and Verizon Ultimate Freedom.

  • Verizon Double Freedom. Customers have three options: Verizon's unlimited landline service coupled with high-speed Internet (up to 3 Mbps), with DirecTV service (billed through Verizon), or with an existing Verizon Wireless plan. Each two-service combination is priced from $64.99 to $74.99 a month, depending on service area and which combination is chosen.
  • Verizon Triple Freedom. Customers get Verizon's unlimited landline service coupled with high-speed Internet with a choice of either DirecTV service or an existing Verizon Wireless plan. Priced $94.99 to $104.99.
  • Verizon Ultimate Freedom. All four services priced from $134.99 to $144.99.

These bundled services are sure to prove popular with customers, so you have to wonder how a "landline-less" T-Mobile USA can compete with Unity and Freedom?  For more on the Verizon Freedom bundle:
- take a look at this press release
- or read this write-up from GigaOM

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