Verizon offers daily subscriptions to V Cast

Verizon came up with a new way to spark interest in their V Cast mobile content services: Offer a daily subscription to it for $3. While the price may seem high given that a monthly subscription is $15, I think this will lead to more VZ subscribers giving the service a go and also may lead to a new business model of pay-a-day mobile content users. While a lot of potential users today would not use mobile content services every day, they may wish they had them in certain circumstances: a long train, bus or car ride, for example. V Cast includes music videos, TV show recaps, movie trailers as well as news, sports and entertainment programming.

The carrier also announced a content deal with the once popular site Jib Jab, which lampooned the 2004 presidential election with a folksy animation of President Bush and Senator Kerry singing a parody of "This Land is Your Land." While the site hasn't done much noteworthy work as of late, the deal teams Jib Jab up with director John Landis for The Great Sketch Experiment, a competition of six short films featuring stand-up comedians. Earlier this year Verizon Wireless forged an exclusive deal with JibJab for debuting its new content on V Cast.

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