Verizon 'One Talk' trademark hints at mobile, landline unification

Verizon filed a trademark application for a "One Talk" service that will provide "a unified system of integrated fixed and mobile voice services where landline and mobile communications devices can take the same calls, use the same telephone numbers and share the same calling features such as voice and text messaging," according to the company's filing.

Verizon's trademark application, reported by Phandroid, could well indicate a plan by Verizon to offer a service that would allow its mobile and landline customers to seamlessly shift their conversations to and from the company's wireless and wireline calling services.

And, as Phandroid points out, such services are already hitting the market. AT&T last year detailed its "NumberSync" technology that is designed to allow customers to share their primary phone number with other connected devices such as smartwatches, even if their phone isn't connected to a cellular network.

Although trademark and patent applications don't necessarily result in actual commercial products, the action is nonetheless another indication that Verizon and other wireless carriers are working to decouple phone numbers from specific devices. Article

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