Verizon's Silliman talks net neutrality and much more

It's no surprise that Verizon has pushed back against the FCC's proposed new privacy rules for broadband providers considering carriers are increasingly looking to leverage data to deliver highly targeted ads to on-the-go consumers. Craig Silliman, the company's EVP of public policy and general counsel, urged federal legislators in March to intervene, opining that the Commission was "applying outdated rules" in the internet age.

But while debates regarding privacy policies often generate splashy headlines, Silliman's purview extends much farther. The 20-year Verizon veteran has recently dealt with special access issues, the labor strike, and typical business dealings like the selloff of the company's wireline assets to Frontier. FierceTelecom editor Sean Buckley caught up with Silliman recently at the TIA 2016 trade show in Dallas for a lengthy and compelling interview covering these topics and others. Hot Seat