Verizon's 'Titan' a quiet effort to challenge cable operators in business Internet

Cable operators such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable are increasingly gaining share of the Ethernet market by expanding their fiber networks and offering more services over hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks. So Verizon is quietly battling back with Titan, an unannounced initiative the company is pursuing where it has fiber available. The program was mentioned in a March 1 FCC ex parte filing, although Verizon has yet to publicize the business services program.

While cable HFC networks are nearly ubiquitous, Verizon can deliver services such as Fiber to the Internet only to buildings on its fiber network. But the company is looking to bolster its on-net footprint next year with the acquisition of XO Communications' fiber network, giving it an additional 4,000 on-net buildings. Verizon hopes to capitalize on those new buildings by adjusting the pricing regime and looking to service options such as its wholesale "Fiber to the Internet" service to give customers another Internet access option. The strategy may help it claw back some of its lost customers in the competitive Ethernet market. Article