Verizon sells $4B in bonds

Yesterday Verizon offered $4 billion in bonds. The company offered the bonds in three separate tranches: $750 million for five years, $1.5 billion for 10 years and $1.75 billion for 30 years. The dollar amount is conspicuously close to the current provisionally winning bid for the C Block of spectrum in the 700 MHz auction. The current pricetag is just more than $4.74 billion.

A report from BusinessWeek also noted that Verizon Wireless paid one lobbyist firm $320,000 in 2007 to lobby the federal government on wireless airwaves use, employment issues and Net Neutrality.

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CORRECTION: The original headline of this article incorrectly stated that Verizon Wireless offered the bonds instead of its parent company Verizon.