Verizon shows off holiday handset lineup

Verizon Wireless today unveiled four handsets strategically launching in time for the busy holiday season: the Verizon Wireless Juke by Samsung, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphone, The Venus by LG and The Voyager by LG. Each of the phones will hit store shelves before Thanksgiving.

The Juke: Described as "pint-sized," this handset features a swivel design. It boasts 2GB of internal storage, music player, VGA camera with Nightshot and access to VZ Navigator and Chaperone. The phone is exclusive to the carrier and will come in blue, red and teal.

The Venus: This phone sports dual screens and the bottom one includes tactile feedback. The handset includes a microSD slot, Get It Now, VCAST Video and Music, a music player and a 2 megapixel camera. It comes in black and pink.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8130: This first Pearl from Verizon Wireless includes EV-DO capability and GPS. Comes in tinted silver, a color exclusive to the carrier.

Finally, the Voyager: This phone has a large external touch screen that opens laterally to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. The Voyager also features an HTML browser, VCAST and microSD slot.

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