Verizon: We already have Rev. A up and running

While Sprint Nextel has been quite vocal about its market rollouts of EV-DO Rev. A, Verizon Wireless says that it has had a number of markets lit up with Rev. A for a few months now. The company expects to introduce a PC card in the coming weeks, but it won't officially announced its Rev. A launch until it has a significant number of markets up and running. I like the PR game carriers like to play when they rollout new technology: Some, like Sprint, like to keep announcing a handful of markets to keep reminding you how fast they are rolling out. Then others, like Verizon Wireless, like to make a big splash by lighting up a large swath of markets, in order to claim that they were really the ones ahead!

For more on Rev. A:
- read Verizon's admission on GigaOm

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