Verizon will launch a carrier app store

Verizon Wireless will launch a carrier-branded mobile application store for developers based on Java ME at some point later this year, according to Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam.

The news comes after Verizon announced it will support Java, a major break for a carrier that has long supported Qualcomm's BREW technology for application development and distribution. McAdam made that announcement yesterday at Sun Microsystems' JavaOne conference in San Francisco.  

McAdam told Information Week that the carrier is trying to move away from being "overprotective" of its brand and will look to give third-party developers more open access to Verizon customers. Verizon will give developers proprietary information to enable application development.

The app store initially will target smartphones but could eventually trickle down to the vast majority of Verizon's wireless subscribers. McAdam did not give details on the billing process for the app store, but said the carrier likely will take a slice of revenue from the apps sold in the store. He also said that Verizon would be publishing specifications for the store in late July, but did not say when the store would be up and running.

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