Verizon Wireless makes another video deal

Verizon Wireless isn't putting all of its eggs in the YouTube basket, as it is announcing another deal with, a web site that shares ad revenues with folks who upload their video clips. The deal will be announced today and launched in early December on the V Cast download service. The companies did not disclose any financial terms of the deal, which gives Verizon exclusive rights to show Revver content on cell phones in the U.S for the next 12 months. It's not clear whether the deal is similar to YouTube's in that it will only give customers access to a limited number of online videos, but that probably is the case given the fact that not all movies fit on a tiny cell-phone screen. It looks like Verizon Wireless will diversify when it comes to user-generated video but the fundamental flaw that everyone is picking at remains: a walled garden approach that limits users' access to all videos--the very thing that makes YouTube popular.

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