Verizon Wireless PolicyBlog: On privacy issues

Verizon Wireless recently sent out a letter to its subscribers giving them an opportunity to opt-out of upcoming marketing efforts. The blogosphere took the letter to mean that Verizon was looking to sell their subscribers' information to third party advertisers, and a mini-tempest ensued. Verizon Wireless spokesman Jim Gerace posted a rebuttal to the blog posts on Verizon Wireless' (new) Policy Blog:

"Let's be clear: Verizon Wireless does not sell personal customer information to third-party advertisers. Period," Gerace wrote. "The notice that was sent (and the cause of some buzz) simply alerts our customers that Verizon Wireless may share customer information with the Verizon group of companies," he explained.

Gerace goes on to explain that "Opt-out" situations are required for marketing customer information within affiliate/parent companies, while "Opt-in" requests are required for marketing customer information to third parties. Verizon Wireless only sent out an "Opt-out," which means it was only looking to use the information to market other services offered by Verizon and its parent/affiliate companies.

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