Verizon Wireless to carry EVDO-enabled BlackBerry

Verizon Wireless announced it will support the BlackBerry 7130e over its Broadband Access Connect 3G EVDO network. The BlackBerry can act as a modem for laptops in areas without WiFi service. The companies claim the makeshift mode can download large files at speeds averaging 400 Kbps to 700 Kbps. The carrier's EVDO platform is accessible in 171 cities in the US, but when users are outside of a BroadbandAccess area the PDA will run on the slower NationAccess service.

The latest RIM offering features a high-res LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity, 64MB of internal flash memory and SMS/MMS support. Pricing starts at an additional $15 per month for those with BB voice and unlimited data plans from Verizon Wireless or an additional $30 per month for those with data-only plans. The device is currently for sale online and will be in Verizon Wireless and Circuit City stores on December 1.

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