Verizon Wireless to revamp Get It Now service

Verizon Wireless VP and CMO John Stratton said the carrier plans to revamp its Get It Now service because it's concerned that Get It Now download growth may be slowing. Verizon Wireless claims it has 27.1 million active data users, about 50 percent of its total base, and M:Metrics pegs Verizon Wireless' downloads at about 31 percent of the total U.S. downloads. Stratton said that figure is not good enough, and the carrier's potential problem stems from its crowded deck and content stored in silos. VZW plans to launch BREW Zone, an off-portal content site attached to and other approved, off-portal sites. The move is a major milestone in the ongoing off-deck trend that began in Europe and has gained significant ground in the U.S. over the last year.

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