Verizon Wireless unveils national test lab

Verizon Wireless announced its expanded national test lab, which ensures that every handset used on the company's network "meets the highest standard of reliability." The lab has been up and running since 1987, but the company recently updated the facility and quadrupled the facility's size. The facility houses a 37-member Verizon Wireless test lab team.

An interesting passage from the release: "Many test rooms resemble fortified vaults and are lined with metal screening to shield devices from external live radio waves, keeping unwanted signals out and test signals in. A life-like test mannequin head and torso, known as 'Mr. Head,' sits in a soundproof booth and is outfitted with $5,000 ears that funnel sound just like human ears to test handset microphone volume and clarity."

The blog, Phone Arena may have uncovered a document from Verizon that discloses the carrier's release schedule for phones through the end of the year. The BlackBerry Pearl is among the phones awaiting launch, according to the blog. Check out the link below to see which other phones are rumored to be in the testing facility.

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