Video services dominate wired internet use, struggle in mobile; Microsoft launches Tap to Pay for Lumia phones

More wireless news from across the web:

> Real Time Entertainment services, led by Netflix, are increasingly dominating wired internet traffic in North America, but losing ground in mobile at the same time, according to a recent Sandvine study. Deadline article

> Microsoft has launched Tap to Pay for Lumia phones. Wireless Week article

Telecom News

> Comcast Business has upped its competition against Verizon in Virginia with plans to invest more than $9 million over the next year to expand its fiber network. The expansion would allow it to reach over 3,000 businesses with Ethernet services. Article

> Google Fiber announced that it is acquiring San Francisco-based ISP Webpass in a deal to enhance its fiber expansion efforts. Article

Wireless Tech News

> As the FCC prepares to vote on millimeter wave spectrum proposals next month, Facebook has been urging it to take an approach that enables more spectrum sharing. Article

Cable News

> FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler appeared to show weakening resolve for his "Unlock the Box" proposal after weeks where support has grown for the alternative "Ditch the Box" proposal. Article

> After acquiring Cablevision, Altice's Patrick Drahi said he will bring the Israeli news channel i24 to U.S. markets and invest in original programming. Article

And finally… Comcast incorrectly charged a customer $1,775 and refused to credit it back until he contacted the media 18 months later. Ars Technica article