Virgin Mobile investor sues over Sprint deal; Google, Apple set to compete in China

> Virgin Mobile USA investor James Seymour filed a complaint in federal court in Trenton, N.J., over Sprint Nextel's proposed $483 million purchase of Virgin Mobile. Seymour said the price was "substantially below" the fair market value of the company. Article 

> Apple and Google are set to go head-to-head in the Chinese mobile market, with China Unicom nearing a deal to launch the iPhone and China Mobile preparing to launch the Ophone, which runs on Android source code. Article

> Net neutrality is being taken up with surprising speed by the new FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski. Commentary

> Nokia will launch a TD-SCDMA smartphone in China this year running on the Symbian platform. Article

> An emergency call center Iowa became the first in the country to accept text messages sent to 911. Article

> O2's exclusive rights to sell the iPhone reportedly will run out in October. Article

> France Telecom Orange said it will file a complaint with the EU because the French government plans to offer a fourth 3G licence for around a third of the amount it paid in 2001. Article

> Japanese mobile broadband operator EMobile launched HSPA+ technology. Article

> Research In Motion has warned European distributors about "gray market" trading. Article

And finally... Google's CEO Eric Schmidt was a parasite who was trying to destroy Apple! (At least, according to fake Walt Mossberg, the puppet.) Video