Vodafone joins WiMAX Forum, but why?

Vodafone made a surprising move today and joined the WiMAX Forum. Most of the company's carriers make use of GSM technology for their networks, and are, therefore, probably planning on LTE technology for next generation networks. However, a few notable CDMA exceptions exist: namely Verizon Wireless, in which it owns a 45 percent stake.

IMS Research's Alex Green, who heads up the analyst firm's Broadband group, stated that the fact that the WiMAX Forum announcement came one day after Vodafone reiterated its intent to hold onto Verizon Wireless could indicate a potential WiMAX play for Verizon Wireless: The timing is "surely more than just a coincidence and perhaps a sign that Verizon Wireless may follow the WiMAX strategy of its main CDMA2000 competitor, Sprint Nextel," Green writes.

For more on Vodafone's announcement:
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