Vodafone targets fixed networks with HSDPA

Vodafone Germany declared that its tariff plan for HSDPA service in Germany "is a genuine alternative to the fixed network." Dubbed UMTS Broadband, Vodafone will charge $60 per month for the service under a two-year contract "without any restrictions on time of data volume," the company said in its press release. However, Vodafone added another release that said data volume would be limited to 10 gigabytes over a period of two months. Any data usage over and above this amount would be charged at $0.6 per 100 kilobytes.

I'm not sure this is the time to start positioning high-speed data services as an alternative to wired broadband, given the the limited data volume. U.S. operators are far from trying to position their services as a DSL alternative, prohibiting users from uploading, downloading or streaming movies, music or games and denying server devices and host computer applications.

To read more about Vodafone Germany's HSDPA plans:
- take a look at this article from TotalTelecom

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