Vodafone UK, Visto launch push email service

In a move to compete with Microsoft and a rattled RIM, Vodafone UK launched its own push email offering based on Visto's mobile email service. With the new service, elegantly dubbed "Vodafone Business Email," Vodafone becomes the first mobile operator to launch its own push email service in the UK. Although the company said they believe this move will simplify the push email market, it may actually make it more complicated since Vodafone already sells two push email services in that market--RIM's Blackberry Connect and Microsoft's Exchange.

Vodafone said that it aims to expand the audience for push email by offering a service that caters to both SMBs and individuals. The company has launched the service in other countries but held off on the UK launch until now, saying it needed time to ready the service's management feature, which allows administrators to remotely view the state of an employee's device.

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