Vonage announces all VoIP customers 911 compliant, not e911

Vonage announced that all of their VoIP customers now have access to 911 services--not to be confused with e911 services that the FCC is requiring for all VoIP providers. Although CNET reported that Vonage said its entire VoIP network is compliant with the e911 regulations, the company actually reported that regular 911 service is available to all its customers and that it had expanded its e911 service to 80 new countries. Vonage also said that it is spending $50 million to make its service fully compliant with the e911 regulations. When the FCC's e911 deadline came on November 28, Vonage said that only about 25 percent of its subscribers had access to the e911 service. Two weeks is not nearly enough time to finish the $50 million project.

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