VZW almost completes Rev. A rollout

Last week Verizon Wireless CTO and EVP Dick Lynch said that the carrier has completed Rev. A rollouts in markets that cover more than 135 million people, which is close to its 200 million population footprint for its EV-DO. Lynch said that while the 135 million figure was the last officially announced metric, the carrier has added several more markets since and is close to finishing the network upgrade. The upgrade is expected to attain completion within 2007, but Lynch refrained from naming a specific date or month.

Sprint has been making a lot of noise about its Rev. A rollouts, while Verizon Wireless has remained relatively quiet. As Lynch noted: "We're just not making a big deal about it. Until we're Rev. A everywhere, I don't feel we want to go out and tell people you can use Rev. A only in this, this and this market."

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