Wait, that wireless executive said...what?

Wireless industry executives are known for staying out of the weeds, for the most part, especially if they're CEOs. They often leave technical details to CTOs and other network-focused executives. By delegating this responsibility, they can focus on the overarching message for a company--the business strategy, the big themes, the brand. Still, that doesn't mean they won't flub every once in a while.

A bold statement, an attack on a rival or a plain bone-headed comment will stick out in our minds precisely because they're out of the ordinary, out of touch or make people think the person saying it is out of their minds. In short, they're gems.

Often, these statements and musings have come back to haunt their authors, particularly if a prediction turns out to be wildly off base.

With that in mind, FierceWireless compiled this list of some of the most memorable quotes from wireless industry executives. Your mission is to match up the quote to the correct executive who is responsible for it. Some may be easier than others, but we dare you to guess all of them correctly. Good luck! --Phil

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