What are the most innovative handset accessories?

Phil Goldstein
While the mainstays of wireless accessories--Bluetooth headsets, cases and the like--are not going to fade from view any time soon, there's a new crop of mobile accessories hitting the market, and their designers want them to eventually be the vanguard of mobile accouterments.

Why is this change occurring? Part of it is that devices are growing in complexity. The more functions a smartphone has, the more opportunities there are for accessory makers to latch onto those functions as discreet use cases. Additionally, people are carrying more than one device with them now more than ever. Accessories that merge or bridge the functions of various consumer electronics are going to gain ground in that kind of environment.  

However, the accessory market will encounter its share of obstacles. Vendors need to stay ahead of the curve and deliver products that enhance the capabilities of the devices they fit on, around or attach to.

With that in mind, FierceWireless took a look at some of the most innovative, compelling and defining accessories that are emerging onto the wireless playground in a new special report. These are the gadgets that are stretching the bounds of the industry, and likely defining future waves of handset extras. If there are emerging accessories or accessory categories that you think we missed, please let us know in the comments!--Phil

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