What are people saying about AT&T's proposed purchase of T-Mobile?

Should the FCC approve AT&T's proposed purchase of Tmobile?The FCC recently opened a proceeding to solicit public comments on whether the agency should approve AT&T's proposed $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile USA. Anyone can use the FCC's online filing system to submit comments to the agency on a range of topics, and a handful of individuals have already made use of the function to submit to the FCC their opinion of AT&T's (NYSE:T) proposed takeover of T-Mobile. And while the comments of trade groups, companies and political organizations likely will carry more weight with the agency once they are filed, it's nonetheless interesting to peruse the initial batch of comments filed by individuals in the proceeding so far--misspellings and all. Thus, here is a selection of some of the key reactions by individuals filed to date in the FCC's AT&T/T-Mobile proceeding: Special report

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