What are the worst cell phones of all time?

Phil Goldstein
A new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone is just about to be unveiled, and with that in mind, it's worth taking stock of what makes a handset great--and what makes a handset terrible. With handsets, it's usually the hits that get the most press: The iPhone, HTC's Evo 4G, Motorola Mobility's (NYSE:MMI) Droid, Samsung's Galaxy S line and so on. These devices shine often because of their industrial design, sleek software, feature set and, most importantly, the overall user experience.  

However, for every hero device there are likely half a dozen clunkers out there that failed to gain traction with consumers. The wasted carcasses of those phones are the ones that today's top sellers have climbed over to reach the pinnacle.

worst phones of all timeThat said, it's not as though these handset flops have nothing to offer today's industry. They serve as reminders of what can go wrong, how far the handset industry has come and what not to do. FierceWireless compiled this admittedly highly subjective list of handsets that flopped for one reason or another. Did we err or did we miss any failures? Let us know in the comments. --Phil

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