What makes T-Mobile's John Legere tick?

It's been nearly three years since T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) hired John Legere to be its new CEO, and since then he has revitalized the company, merged it with MetroPCS and turned into the "uncarrier," a powerhouse of growth in the U.S. wireless industry. Legere and his team have done it through a series of offers designed to shake up the business model of its competitors, lower prices and aggressive marketing. What makes Legere tick though? In an in-depth profile in Fast Company that relies on interviews with Legere, his colleagues and friends, Legere comes across as a man who has found his mission and his authentic self as a brash, forceful and foul-mouthed executive who delights in poking his competitors in the eye while stealing their customers. "The question is, when's the right time in your career to flash your independence?" he said. "Because this is far more me. I'm clearly at a self-actualized point in my career."

Interestingly, Legere touched on last year's failed merger with Sprint (NYSE: S) and said confidently: "If there had been a transaction, the company would have been called T-Mobile and been run by me." Article