What surprises are in store for wireless in 2011?

Sue MarekIt's the start of a new year, and like many of you the FierceWireless editorial team is looking forward to a year filled with brazen 4G marketing claims, lots of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad wannabee tablet launches and perhaps a couple of high-profile mergers and acquisitions. 

We know that we aren't the only media outlet releasing its predictions for the year ahead, but we hope that, at the very least, you will find our predictions a little thought-provoking, perhaps somewhat surprising, or at the very least, entertaining. You see, we like to be bold in our predictions--even if some may seem a little far-reaching. It's just more fun to be bold than to be safe and state the obvious.

So here are our 2011 predictions for the wireless industry. I'd like to remind everyone that this is just a list of things that we think will happen in the coming year. Our predictions come from careful analysis of the news. We don't have any insider information or knowledge of actual deals that may or may not happen.

And if you'd like to see how we fared in our 2010 predictions, take a look at my year-end checkup. --Sue