What would a dissected Motorola look like?

In the wake of key executives departing Motorola, The Wall Street Journal's blog Deal Journal takes a look at what the company would look like if it were split up into a few separate businesses, which is what activist investor Carl Icahn has suggested Motorola's board should do. The three businesses would be mobile devices, home and networks mobile and enterprise mobility solutions.

Mobile Devices. In the third quarter, Motorola's mobile device business accounted for 51 percent of the company's sales. Deal Journal believes this business could make for a strong standalone company.

Home and Networks Mobility. This business includes Motorola's wireless equipment sales and cable television equipment, which combined accounted for 27 percent of Motorola's sales in the third quarter. Since this sector has seen a lot of M&A recently, it's likely that this piece of Motorola would be quickly scooped up by a rival.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions. This unit of Motorola sells communications equipment to both public and private clients and accounted for 22 percent of the company's sales in Q3 and is also likely to be acquired given recent M&A activity.

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