Who are the most influential women in wireline telecom?

There has historically been a dearth of C-level female executives in the wireless industry (none of the major or even Tier 2 carriers are currently led by a woman right now), though that is starting to change at some carriers and wireless technology companies as women climb the ranks of the executive ladder. In wireline telecom, there's an increasing presence of women in high-level executive roles at the large telcos, vendors and industry forums. Our sister publication FierceTelecom is looking at the women who provide the greatest "influence" in the wireline segment of the telecom industry. These are women who are driving new technology and business initiatives within the major vendors and service providers. While some top female executives have retired or stepped down from their posts, there are still many who are influencing the telecom world. For more, check out this FierceTelecom special report

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