Why isn't TV Everywhere ready for prime time?

More than five years after storming into the market, the U.S. pay TV's highly complex multiscreen initiative, TV Everywhere, remains a work in progress. There have been some major breakthroughs, such as the record streaming audiences for the World Cup generated by ESPN and Univision. But for all of its considerable progress, most of the chatter surrounding TV Everywhere is tinged with disappointment, with the pay TV industry still struggling to create a universal, consumer-friendly system for authenticating paid subscribers, not to mention educate a consumer base that's still mostly unaware that the initiative even exists. Measuring audiences across platforms is still a big issue. And ad-delivery management is getting better, thanks to services like Freewheel, but it's still not fully baked. For more on why TV Everywhere isn't ready yet for prime time, check out this FierceCable special report.