Will Seattle lose its position as a wireless capital?

There has been a fair amount of turmoil recently for wireless firms based in Seattle. Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) CEO Bill Morrow resigned, along with a handful of other executives, and the fate of the company is uncertain. Meantime, T-Mobile USA has been rumored to be considering a merger with Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S). Both Clearwire and T-Mobile are based in the Seattle metropolitan area, and a question now circulating is whether the city could lose its status as a wireless capital. The area has been a wireless hotspot ever since Craig McCaw set up the first nationwide cellular network in the 1980s, but if Clearwire or T-Mobile fade, the Emerald City could lose some of its wireless luster. However, Clearwire Chairman (and interim CEO) John Stanton told the Seattle Times he does not see that happening. Article