Will Sprint help BlackBerry users buy island?

Part of Sprint's recent advertising efforts includes a spot for the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition that offers the handset plus a private island for a mere $10.5 million. The deal specifically offers the World Edition BlackBerry for $200 (after contract and rebates) as well as an "Exotic Island plus amenities." The tagline on the print ads is "The First $10.5M Cell Phone. An exciting limited-time offer for billionaires." While the purchase page borders on absurdity, with a request for one's BIN (Billionaire ID number), the carrier really will help those BB 8830 buyers seriously interested in buying an island by getting them in touch with the appropriate brokers (see image). Sprint did not return our calls before deadline.

For more on the ad spots:
- see the Sprint site: www.privateislandoffer.com
- see this screen capture of the disclosure about the island purchase
- read this post from Engadget

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