WiMAX Forum trumpets 20M global subscribers

Even though the fortunes of WiMAX are waning in the United States, the WiMAX Forum said that WiMAX technology has broken the 20 million global subscriber mark. The WiMAX trade group, which is relying on statistics from Infonetics Research, said the market remains on track to hit 25 million total WiMAX subscribers by year-end. Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR), the largest U.S. WiMAX proponent, now counts 7.65 million total customers and expects to hit 10 million by year-end--however, Clearwire has said it will maintain its WiMAX network but also will deploy TDD-LTE if it can get additional funding. Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S), Clearwire's majority owner and largest wholesale customer, also recently inked an LTE network-hosting deal with LightSquared. Release